Treats & Sweets!

Swensen’s for a treat!


So we had this last month, yep, on March 2015. I can’t remember what is the name to this dessert? Lol, but I gotta give this a 5/5 rating. Its just super duper nice for caramel lovers, banana’s lovers and chocolate chip lovers!

So we had this dessert at ION Orchard Swensen’s with my usual food buddy, Nur Susu! And a big thank you to her sister and also “Happy belated birthday!”


Awak Kat Mana – Taufik Batisah

As you all know this song are in trending now from Singapore to Malaysia, wow!

Maybe through worldwide soon! All the best Taufik Batisah and congrats for “Awak Kat Mana”! Even I’m creating a parody for this song, will be up soon on my youtube channel, hahaha!


This would be my first entry for the start, and currently I’m listening to Al-haq by Mawi featuring Dato AC Mizal. Deep meaning for the songs and the lyrics.

Try to steal that 5 min of yours and try listening to em’. It’s purely a nice song with meaningful lyrics well written.